Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Struggling Artist

More in the sense of struggling to be an artist, as opposed to making money from an artistic venture.  I have always being doing something artsy (writing, photography, of late, digital scrapbooking and a stint as a digital scrapbooking designer) but have been in a creative slump for the past while.

And, speaking of struggling, my blogging has been irregular at best.  I'm on the highway to hell, paved with all my good intentions, but hey, I'm not in charge there yet. 

In any case, we recently entered the world of Netflix.  I'm discovering a whole new world of truly terrible television, interspersed with magical television.  Unfortunately, the magical television doesn't seem to last more than one season... but I'm still searching for a new favourite one that lasts for many seasons so that I can binge-watch it all.

A couple of months back, we were blessed enough to buy new (read: larger) drives.  It took quite some time to get them set up.  It took all that time because we were trying to find a way to backup all the data we had... and apparently we have too much stuff for traditional methods of back up.  So I got to manually back-up my data and now, frankly, I'm scared to change anything because it was such a mongrel of a job I don't want to do it all again!

My old faithful Toshiba tablet died after almost five years of valiant service, so I ended up upgrading to one of the original iPad Minis.  I really am not a fan of all my eggs in Apple's baskets (and I really am not a fan of having to manage files through iTunes) so it's been a struggle.  I do enjoy being able to pare out my iPhone's applications so that I can put more music on it, and I like the iPad because I can put my ebooks back in one place.  My daughter likes my iPad because she will get it when I upgrade (whenever that will actually happen, no one knows - however, she lives in hope).

So, back to my creative slump.  I can't call it a rut - I can't call it a rut because I imagine that you wear yourself into a rut and that's far too energetic for the inertia I've been experiencing.  Inertia - actually, that seems pretty accurate.  No action whatsoever.

A friend of mine, a wonderful artist and designer, invited me to participate in a wonderful venture last year - I learned this week that we may be published.  I'm not sure when that will happen, so it will be a wonderful surprise when it arrives.

I will leave it here with a quote that I feel I need to pay attention to:

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